Virtual Consultations With

North Carolina Dermatology Associates

Start your virtual consultation in three easy steps:


1.  Click on the "Online Consult" button below and enter some information about yourself.  This ensures that your skin issue is appropriate for a virtual consult and gives your North Carolina Dermatology Associate's physician the information they needs to make an accurate diagnosis.

2.  Take pictures of your skin issue; take at least one picture close up and another from far away.  Ensure that you take pictures in an area with as much bright, natural light as possible.  Shadows or blurry images make diagnosing skin conditions very difficult. 

3.  Enter your payment information, submit the consultation and read our doctor's response; cost is $69 per consultation.  This will not be covered by your insurance plan, but you can use your Health Saving Account or Flexible Spending Account.  If a diagnosis and treatment plan is unable to be provided, your charge will be refunded.  All consult will be completed in 48 hours.